In Jaisfa we are willing to share the result of our excitement and our students confidence and turn it into initiatives that foster education, culture, integration, help to communities and environmental protection.

To make the commitment of sharing a reality true, we foster solidarity actions such as:

Donations and aid

Our company allocates part of the monthly fees paid by our students to make monetary donations to help those in need and to promote the development of art, education and community events.


Our company encourages its workers to take part in volunteering activities by means of internally or externally organised programmes. We’re also open to sponsor volunteering events of other organisations.


Preservation of the environment

Beyond its legal obligations, our company is committed to environmental protection proactively, as reflected in specific actions such as recycling, energy saving or using environmentally friendly technologies.

Helping the community

Our company also dedicates part of the monthly fees paid by our students to make investments in the community and educational programmes. It provides help to non-profit organisations and movements in favour of economic and cultural development of global and local communities.


We’re always receptive to suggestions and open to listening to new ideas, always trying to improve the functioning of our company. We act to promote our identity as a responsible and socially committed company.