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Language materials to prepare SLP exams

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When you register on our platform, and access the content to prepare the SLP exams (Standardized Languages Profile, according to the STANAG 6001), you will have at your disposal all the contents for the Functional and Professional levels of the English and French languages exams. Hundreds of test questions we have created to help you achieve the SLP level. All for a single fee of € 2.95 per month.

Our commitment

We offer you the best price. For an annual fee of € 35.4 (€ 2.95 per month) you have access to all SLP content, English and French languages. We also guarantee the same price forever. We will never raise the subscription fee, it is our commitment for trusting Jaisfa.

Listening and Reading Exams, and Audiovisual Material to Improve Your Skills

By signing up, you’ll have at your disposal the contents divided into languages, levels (functional and professional) and skills (listening and Reading ). Videos and audio materials will also be available to help you improve your language skills and the specific vocabulary you need in your job.

Contents to prepare the Standard Language Profile

Armed and Security Forces

The first online platform for training and preparation of SLP Language exams

We continually update the courses, exams and original material created by our teachers

On the platform you will find 9 SLP exam preparation courses for the English language (5 Functional level and 4 Professional level) and another 10 for the French language (5 Functional level and 5 Professional level)



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Each SLP exam preparation course contains:


  • Recommended material to practice and improve that includes video and audio, with everyday life contents
  • Especifically military vocabulary
  • 2 oral comprehension tests
  • 2 written comprehension tests
  • 1 final course oral comprehension test
  • 1 final written oral comprehension test
  • Final SLP course certificate Language and Level

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