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When you sign up to our platform and access the content to prepare SLP exams (Standard Languages Profile, according to STANAG 6001), you don’t just access a level or a language. You’ll have at your disposal all the contents for the Functional and Professional levels in English, French, and more languages that we’ll incorporate. All for a single membership free

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As part of our launching offer, the first 1,000 users registered paying an annual €35.4 fee (€2.95 monthly) will have that price guaranteed forever. As you’ve been with us from the start, the price won’t increase.

Oral and Written Comprehension Exams, and Audiovisual Material to Improve Your Skills

By signing up, you’ll have at your disposal the contents divided into languages, levels (functional, professional and expert) and skills (oral comprehension and Reading comprehension). Diverse audiovisual materials will also be available to you. It’ll help you improve your language skills and the specific vocabulary you need in your job.

Contents to prepare the Standard Language Profile

Armed Forces and Security Forces

The first platform for the specific preparation of SLP exams

Every month new courses, exams and original materials created by our teachers

In our platform you can find 6 preparation courses for the English SLP exam (3 for Functional and 3 for Professional) and 6 forthe French SLP exam (3 for Functional and 3 for Professional)



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Each SLP exam preparation course contains:


  • Recommended material to practice and improve that includes video and audio, with everyday life contents
  • Especifically military vocabulary
  • 2 oral comprehension tests
  • 2 written comprehension tests
  • 1 final course oral comprehension test
  • 1 final written oral comprehension test
  • Final SLP course certificate Language and Level

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