Individual online classes with our native professed

Need to prepare the test of conversation with the SLP court or review the course content?

We offer you online classes through Skype with natives to prepare your exams or review the content of courses based on the CEFR standard that we offer you on our platform.

The sessions consist of 25 minutes of individual class,which you book in advance.

To confirm the reservation you have to pay from the website:

  • $12.50 for each individual class, each time you want a new session.
  • You can also purchase a 5-session bonus for 56,00 euros.

To book your class online, for English or French, email Luke,,and he will confirm the time of your individual class with the native teacher.

We are working on an online booking system, so that you check the availability of the teacher yourself and select the date and time.

Return and Cancellation Policy